Jimmy Simpson Diveheart Student

January 6, 2020 2:39 pm

Jimmy Simpson

Say hi to Jimmy Simpson, Jimmy came to us in October after reading about us on the internet and asked to do a try dive. Jimmy has the condition Cerebral Palsy, by using the Diveheart adaptive diving techniques Jimmy was able to scuba dive and complete his Try dive in Blaydon pool. Jimmy has a brilliant thirst for the challenge and coped amazingly well with not just the scuba kit but also a full face mask. The Full Face Mask helps Jimmy breathe under water as he cannot grip a conventional regulator. We use the Ocean Reef Full Face Mask and Jimmy was able to equalise with the assistance of our Team. Ocean Reef full face masks are warmer and equalisation is easy with the use of two nose pegs which sit comfortably under the nostrils.

Jimmy completed his Discover Scuba Experience and loved the adventure so much he has requested information about the Diveheart Adaptive Diver course. Divecor’s Jo Brown explained the process of learning PADI recreational dive skills using the Diveheart Programme. Jimmy has now signed up for the course will be in our pool at Blaydon very soon.

Anyone interested in becoming a Diveheart Buddy or Adaptive diver please follow the links to Adaptive diver on our website www.divecor.co.uk

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