Divecor becomes an Ocean Reef Dealer in Servicing, Sales and Training.

October 21, 2019 10:35 pm

Divecor has become the only Ocean Reef Dealer in the North East of England to offer the full range of products. Ocean Reef are the leading manufacturer of Integrated Diving Mask (IDM) products, including scuba Diving and snorkelling options both options can include their communication devices.

Divecor can now deliver the full range of Ocean Reef Training, including Full Face Mask (IDM) and Communications, both delivered as PADI Distinctive Specialities.

Divecor not only sells the whole IDM range but can service them as well. The range includes, the Sport Diver Line and the Professional Diver Line. The Sport Diver line includes the G Diver and the Space Extender IDM’s.  The Professional Diver Line includes the Predator and the Iron IDM. These masks can all be customised and accessorised to make them unique and bespoke to you.